Self Tan Mousse Refill - Toniq F


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Toniq F 

Dark olive brown tan | all skin types | 1hr+ wash off

I’m super quick. I can get you to dreamboat tanned in just 1 hour - but if you want to dial your tan up to maximum, leave me on for 3!

First time purchase comes with your tan colour pouch and a refill bottle. Pour the contents of this pouch into your tantoniqs 100% reusable, recyclable mousse bottle. This product will not work if directly applied to the skin from this pouch. For best results we recommend applying this tan with our No Orange Hands Here Mitt. Starting with clean, dry, exfoliated skin, dispense 1-2 pumps of the mousse onto the mitt/skin and blending in circular motions until the tan looks evenly bronzed. Due to the fast drying action, we recommend applying the mousse to one area at a time and blending to perfection before another area is started. You can wash this tan off after 1hr, however for a deeper darker tan result, leave up to 3hrs. For an intense result, apply a second coat on the second day. Shake bottle well before each use. Always keep this product in a cool environment (below 25°C) and out of direct sunlight.

Size: 100ml – tan pouch