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Secret Skin Face & Body Mist | 125ml

A gradual tan and hydrating mist that smells delicious. The secret skin clear mist creates the most natural-looking healthy glow while it hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Perfect for the face & décolletage areas, as well as hands and feet that are tricky to tan perfectly. Absolutely no fake tan smell or fake hues, just beautiful glowing skin. Can be used on its own to build a healthy glow, or over a fake tan – to extend the results for longer. Contains the revolutionary tanning ingredient from red-berries (erythrelose).

Perfect for face/hands/feet areas
Sensitive skin friendly 
No fake tan-smell
Build or tan, or extend the longevity of a fake tan

HOW TO APPLY: Simply spray daily and glow. Hold the bottle approx 20cm from the area being sprayed then lightly mist evenly over every area you want a healthy glow. As this is a gradual tan product, colour results can take up to 36hrs to show up from when you first start using it. Can be used directly on clean skin or over makeup to hydrate and refresh. Use a generous mist over desired areas daily to achieve best results. Can be used to build a natural tan, or used over a fake tan to extend the results for many weeks.

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